The Bee Team

~ Jean-Philippe, Dallas & Andy ~
all kitted up, and the smoker appears to be functioning properly

Hello from the Bee Team – Andy, Dallas and Jean-Philippe (JP) – comrades on a voyage of discovery. We are currently raw beginners, investing heavily in reference material and picking the brains of the anyone with the remotest fragment of bee knowledge. It has been a wish of Dallas’ for some years to keep bees, but sourcing the necessary bits and pieces was not proving straightforward – until  a moment of serendipity, as it transpired that JP’s office was situated right next door to an Aladdin’s Cave of  Bee-abilia, a veritable one-stop shop for anyone wishing to take up this fascinating pastime.

JP was just at the point of setting off on his own beekeeping journey, so it seemed opportune to pool our limited resources (Dallas : 1 x book, JP : 1 x battery charger), join forces and see if our combined enthusiasm for the subject could result in a couple of happy hives, not to mention a pot or two of honey.

We live in sunny, south-west France – so are anticipating a high yield of Sunflower Honey.

Joining us on this journey, whether they like it or not, are Natalie, Lois and Andrice.

JP – “These bees were born last month, what does that makes them?” Andrice – “Maybees!”

off on our first mission

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