Creatures of the Night

This really is going off topic. Try as I might, I cannot contrive a link between these night-time infra red images to any bee-related activity. However, I do find it fascinating  what goes on in the garden in the wee, small hours. Here is a selection of our nocturnal visitors…

~ badger ~

~ fox ~
hen murderer

~ rabbit ~
loves to visit the vegetable patch with his chums

~ coypu / ragondin ~
destroyer of the strawberry patch

2 thoughts on “Creatures of the Night

  1. PPS Hi it’s Duncan again. I think these photos are sensational. When we come and visit you must show me the infrared camera please. I also like your insect photos. Can I suggest getting a Slow-Mo camera next as it would look very cool if you could take a slow-mo video of one of your bees taking off from a flower… 😉

    • Hi Duncan – the trail camera has been very interesting, even though I get 1000’s of shots of rabbits. It helps to match the destruction in the garden with the culprits. The Slow-Mo idea is a beezer challenge – I’ll see what I can come up with!

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