Raindrops on rose buds

It’s gonna bee a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day!


At dawn, there was a sharp heavy downpour, which cleared quickly, followed by a bright blue sky, fresh, not a breath of wind. Out on the early morning dog walk, I noticed that the raindrops had stayed fat and heavy on the flowers and foliage – plus the sun was now glinting off and through them. Dog walk cut short, I dashed back for the camera, this time not anticipating much in the way of bee shots, but potential for trying something new with the sparkling rain drops.

reflective raindrops

reflective raindrops

I am liking the general idea of some of these shots – especially this one below of the raindrop with my house upside down, but am thinking some of them should be marked ‘Could Do Better’. I hope you still think that they are worth posting!




raindrops on rose bud

raindrops on rose bud

8 thoughts on “Raindrops on rose buds

    • Thanks – its hard to tell what has been captured until the images are downloaded onto the computer. I was pleasantly surprised by that upside-own house image – and tried immediately to get a sharper shot with more of the house in the drop. The second attempt was in some ways better, but a pesky leaf got in the way. Have tied a ribbon round that branch – hoping to try again should we get the same conditions. It doesnt seem to work when I drop tap water onto the leaves – shall have to wait patiently.

    • Hi Magic, I can see you are picking up the Detectiving business very quickly.You are indeed correct – Dallas is my Mum and Andy is my Dad – she likes it when I say that she is my favourite, but really I love them equally.’Apicultrice’ is french for female beekeeper – Dallas has just played around with the word, as is her wont. Not much action from the bees right now – too cold.Just back from visiting Gibsy – too soon to know if she is expecting. Blog

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