Who lives in a house like this?

Something is constructing little tubular mud huts in the front door…


I’m at a loss as to identifying the culprit.

This door is rarely used, and this construction is only visible when the door is ajar. A lovely old vine grows around the door, and the bunches of grapes are popular with wasps (and birds).

The door is so old and weather-worn, its doesn’t exactly seal hermetically – and offers living accommodation to various creatures, from spiders to snakes. The baby grass snake falling onto Andy’s head when he answered the door is an incident I would very much like to forget.


To Let : single roomed accommodation, internal diameter 7mm, would suit ???

Door with vine, south facing, mud huts now hidden

Door with vine, south facing, mud huts now hidden

I would be most grateful for any pointers, so I know what creatures are now making themselves at home in the door jamb.

Hopefully its something that repels snakes!